5 gallon Red Wing locking lid jar with the Albany top



  I have a 5 gallon Red Wing locking lid jar. It is complete and in absolute perfect mint condition. The main jar body, from the bottom up, is about 3/4 white/cream and 1/4 dark brown up to the rounded shoulder and all dark brown from the shoulder to the top of the lid. The original handle and locking mechanism are complete, with very light surface rust. Markings on the jar are a cobalt 5 and the red wing oval below that. There is NO wing on the jar. The markings are dark and crisp with no smearing or light spots. What is the approximate date of this jar and a price range for it? I do not have a photo. This jar does not have a regular shoulder like a shoulder jug, this shoulder is smooth and rounded.Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.



Dan, your Red Wing packing jar with the Albany top and just the number 5 & Red Wing oval does not carry as high of a value as those packing jars which are all white and carry the gallon-age, red wing & oval.  Your packing jar in perfect condition has a value between $150 & $175.  Al Kohlman