Mercury jugs



 The first pic is a rectangular cone top like the one I sent before but it is smaller 3 1/4 inches high.


The next one is a little different and I am wondering if that is Red Wing?


The third picture is 2 more like the ones I sent before but I did not realize I had 2 different sizes.  One is  4 inches high by 1 1/4 inch in diameter and the others are 4 1/2 by 1 5/8.  Is the value the same for both?


I would like to get a value on these please.






George, your first photo with the two Mercury  jugs with the * in the oval are Red Wing.  The value on these is between $200 & $225.  The Mercury jug in the middle, I have never seen before and could be a reproduction, from another pottery or a Red Wing Mercury jug that has never been seen before (but don’t think so).  So no value or history on this one.  The last Red Wing Mercury jug as a value between $150 & $200.   Al Kohlman