15 gallon side stamped Red Wing butter


This crock is almost perfect. One small chip on one handle. Side stamped with bright blue butterfly. What is the value?

Are there different stamps that were used or just one. Do they affect value? Also it has a couple spots of blue under the glaze away from the butterfly. Does that hurt the value?
Thank you Brad


Brad, these Red Wing butter flies used to be higher, but have come down in value as has everything else in this economy. Value on your 15 gallon side stamped Red Wing butter fly is around $2000. 

I have only seen the Red Wing Stoneware stamp on the butterfly, but there could be a Minnesota Stoneware Company stamp as well as these potters moved around. The only thing that will affect the price of butterfly you have is either stamped or not stamped. The couple of blue marks under the butterfly will not hurt it’s value.  al

  Al Kohlman