10 gallon Lazy 8 target crock,


Hello Al
I picked up a 10 Gallon Crock and would like to know when it was made and what the markings are and value.  I am including pictures of it.  No cracks although it does have a small chip on the handle, which I also am sending a picture of that. I do know that it is a salt glaze and has a dark brown glaze on the inside.  Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.


Mike, your 10 gallon salt glazed crock was produced between 1867 & 1895.  The decoration is called lazy 8 target which is the most common decoration. Also, a number of other potteries used this decoration.  From what I can see on your 10 gallon Lazy 8 target crock, it looks to be Red Wing.  Not being signed and in perfect condition, the value would be between $250 & $300.   Al Kohlman