8 gallon Red Wing crock with spigot


Hello, and sorry if I’m doing this the wrong way. 

My parents have a red wing crock, they gave me the task of finding out around how much it’s worth. 

I’m young, so I’m not sure what to do on your site, I suppose you need a membership for appraisals. 

However I was wondering if you knew someone who would know an estimated price for an: 8 Gallon Red Wing Stoneware Crock, with wire handles patented around 1918 or so, it also has a sort of fountain, or self drain tap looking thing sticking out of the bottom. It has a “Button” lid but it’s broken in half… 

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I’m sorry if you can’t help ^ ^  

 Hope to hear back from you either way. Take care. Nathan


Nathan, first of all, the lid on top of your 8 gallon Red Wing crock is not a Red Wing piece.  Also, the crack is quite severe, with this being said, there would be no value on that lid.  Your 8 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1915 & 1930.  Also, you should remove the spigot and see if that hole was drilled by someone or if it is original.  If it is original, the inside of the hole will be glazed over.  If not, you will see the unglazed clay and there may also be chips around the hole on the inside of the crock.   If the hole was drilled and not original, then the value will drop to at least half of what I estimate for you.  Value as I see your crock $100 to $125.  Al Kohlman