Montmartre teapot without cover


teapot with no lid



Could you please tell me about this darling pitcher I got from my mother.  It has a little monkey in a dress on the back!

Thank you very much!



teapot with lid

The item in the photo is a Montmartre teapot without its cover.  Montmartre is one of ten Red Wing patterns made in the Futura shape.  Montmartre was made for two years, 1957-1958, and the whimsical design is popular with collectors today.  A Montmartre brochure described the scene as being from”sidewalks of Paree” and called the design “a light-hearted romance captured in gay colors of melon, warm brown and bright mustard” on a white background.  A Montmartre teapot complete with cover and in excellent condition is worth $75-100.  Without a cover the value drops by 40-60%.