gallon lazy 8 target churn, 4 gallon lazy 8 target crock, & 6 gallon leaf crock


 Any comments you can share would be appreciated. Also values. As you can see the cobalt is bold on all three. The churn is also Albany inside. The only issue with the churn/lid is a small flat chip on the base of the churn which is not visible when displayed. The 4 gallon crock is mint. The 6 gallon is just like the one in the book, there is what I believe is an irregular glaze pop on the interior base, it may be under the glaze. Mint?
As always thanks for your help.



Chuck, all three of your Red Wing salt glazed pieces were produced between 1867 & 1895.  Your 4 gallon lazy 8 target churn with lid would have a value between $275 & $325,  your 4 gallon lazy 8 target crock has a value between $140 & $175 & your 6 gallon leaf crock between $300 & $350.  You have three nice pieces, but at this time prices are a little soft with today’s economy.  Al Kohlman