Textured Cake Stand


I recently acquired this item at a local gift shop. The plate is glued to a candlestick (to form a cake plate) and so there aren’t any markings visible on the backside. The plate is 10-3/8” in diameter and the ceramic finish appears to have a sort of basket weave look. I’m not versed in the language of dinnerware and so am not able to give you the best description. I hope the photo is sufficient. I had contacted Replacements.com and they identified the plate as follows:

Pattern: REW13 by Red Wing [REWREW13]
Description: Anniversary, Brown Flower, Smooth, No Trim

However, I saw no such item on the redwingdinnerware.com website. I’m wondering if it is a Red Wing knockoff.

This search has been an education since I was totally unfamiliar with Red Wing Pottery before now.

I love the pattern and would like to pursue a collection but can’t begin without accurate identification. Thank you for any help you can offer.



Sorry, but I’m quite certain that neither section of this pedestal stand was made by Red Wing.  Other potteries made plates with a textured surface similar to Tweed Tex. In fact I purchased a pedestal stand very similar to this one on eBay years ago in hopes it was a Red Wing oddity, but it was not.  The giveaway is the foot ring on the bottom of the plate.  The ring on this plate is wider and closer to the edge of the plate; the ring on a Tweed Tex dinner plate is smaller and not as wide.  I’ve attached a photo of a Tweed Tex plate for comparison. 

Tweed Tex was produced from 1953 to 1956. As for how Red Wing dinnerware was decorated, it was done in production line fashion.  Each painter was assigned a color or two, and as the dinnerware came down the line the painter added the strokes needed in her colors.  Other than items made for personal use (lunch hour pieces), no one employee decorated an entire dinnerware set or even a single item.