Capistrano Lead Content

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Hi, I just got some Red Wing dinnerware (not sure what pattern, stamped Red Wing 120) from my mother. How do I know if it’s safe to eat off of? Do these have incredibly high lead content? Love the look of it. Just not sure it’s safe.

It’s Capistrano. I have dinner plates but also some smaller pieces and serving pieces. I was trying to figure out what pattern the cup and salt and pepper shaker were when I saw a photo of a set of Capistrano that had the same sage-green salt and pepper shaker. So maybe it’s also part of the line? The cup is the one with the weird grey residue that’s making me nervous about all the rest.




I am not an expert on the chemical composition of Red Wing dinnerware but it’s my understanding most Red Wing glazes contained lead.  Intact pieces with no chips, cracks or stains should be safe to use.  Damage, including tiny surface cracks or crazing, indicates the glaze is not intact and chemicals could potentially leak out.  Avoid using damaged pieces to serve food.