3 gallon Red Wing/Fort Dodge Churn


   I have a couple of questions about this churn.  I recently bought it at an auction and a few thing confused me about this churn.  It is in great condition, no chips or cracks.  It has the birch leaf logo but I’m thrown off by the “3” stamp.  I’ve never seen the gallons displayed in this manner.  The other thing is the lip of the churn.  It bells out more than usual instead of being more rounded.  What can you tell me about this piece and its aprox. value.
Thanks, Dru


Dru, you have a Red Wing/Fort Dodge piece.  Red Wing bought out the Plymouth Clay Products Company of Ford Dodge, Iowa  around 1912.  They used the birch leaves to replace the Plymouth Chicken as a trademark.  They however still used the block shaped numerals for easy identification.   Value on these pieces are about the same as if they were produced in Red Wing.  In perfect condition and with today’s market in this downturn economy and no lid.  $130 to $160.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman