4 gallon crock North Star upturned leaf, with staining



We found this crock in an antique store and would like to buy it but do not know what it is worth.  Can you help?  We know it is a 4 gallon crock, salt glazed inside, and it has a upturned leaf on it.  It is in really good shape, i.e. no cracks or chips.  But, it seems to have a lot of “greasy looking” markings on it as you can see in the picture.  We would appreciate it if you would get back to us asap so no one else buys it before we can. Thanks for your help.

Carol & Mike


Carol & Mike, this 4 gallon crock is a North Star upturned leaf.  Even though the crock is not chipped or cracked, the staining does take away from its beauty.  With that staining, the value is around $100.  Al Kohlman