5 gallon ball locking jar with chips


I have a 5 gallon ball locking jar that looks just like the one that Kenneth posted, except that it has a big red wing instead of the small one. Does that change the value of the jar at all?    Otherwise, very beautiful.  What is the estimated value of this piece?

It is in very good shape, no cracks, locking mechanisms and handles intact, but, you can see the chip on the bottom (left side) but not on the lid. The chip on the lid is about the same size and on the left side of the lid too.  

 My mother bought it for $125.  I think she got a good deal!  I will keep it as a decorative piece in my living room for many years to come.  : ) Do you know the approximate age of it?  From researching, I found that the big wing signifies an earlier crock than a small wing. I am assuming this one was made in the 30’s.  Any additional information about it would definitely be appreciated.  Thanks again!  Nicole


Nicole, your Red Wing packing jar was produced anywhere from 1915 or so and before 1930.  With the lid, hardware, chip in lid and jar, the value with the 4 1/2 inch wing is between $200 & $225.  Al Kohlman