10 and 8 gallon Red Wing crock


My uncle has some Red Wing crocks he was looking to sell but I wanted to find out what value they might have prior to putting in a garage sale. The first is a 10 Gal Red Wing crock without chips or hairline cracks – handles in good condition – screw hardware a little rusted. Stamped patented Dec 1915. The second is an 8 Gal crock with chip in outer rim, handle mount chipped handles are rusted but still intact, also stamped patented Dec – 1915. Also included a photo of a 2 gal crock in good condition and a crock he owns with nothing but a crown stamp with a 3 inside. Although he has some Western crocks also I am curious to know what company may have manufactured the “crown” crock ?


Tregg, your 10 gallon Red Wing crock has a value around $150.   The 8 gallon Red Wing with chip in rim and small wing $70 to $80.  The 2 gallon Red Wing crock with 4 1/2″ wing in prefect condition is around $60.  Your crown crock was produced in Ohio.  No idea of value on it.  Hope this helps you out.  Al Kohlman