2012 RWCS Chapter Commemoratives

Each year the Chapters of the RWCS produce their own commemorative like the national organization. These pieces are also replicas of pieces actually made by the potteries in Red Wing, MN. The pieces are available only to the Chapter members.

The RWCS business office receives these Chapters commemoratives through the annual chapter exchange held at the Annual Business Meeting during the Annual Convention in July. The collection can be viewed at the RWCS business office located in Pottery Place, 3rd Floor, in Red Wing. MN.

To learn more about the RWCS Chapters visit the Chapter Page or the RWCS’s  Commemorative Page.

Top Row Left to Right:

Siouxland Chapter: 2011 Beehive Jug with Advertising
45 regular + 3 special produced
The jug features advertising for the Owsley Mercantile in Watertown, SD. They were wholesalers of Red Wing Stoneware; the actual jug is on display in the Red Wing Pottery Museum. The specials were a miniature of the 7 inch shoulder bowls with Owsley Advertising on the bottom.
Produced by: W.A. Painter Pottery Works

Trails West Chapter: 2012 Hex Bowl
49 regulars, 2 specials produced
The regular commemorative is yellow and the specials were blue and white sponge. The advertising in the bottom “Mix with us Trails West Chapter 2002- 2012” commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the Chapter.
Produced by: W.A. Painter Pottery Works

Iowa Chapter: 2012 10 gallon Birch Leaf Crock with Advertising
170 regulars, 5 specials
The replica features the advertising from J.B Dakin General Merchandise Johnson’s Cider Vinegar A Specialty of Schaller, IA.
Produced by: W.A. Painter Pottery Works

Indiana Red Wingers: 2012 Saffronware Mixing Bowl with Advertising
25 regular, 2 specials produced
The bowl features banding around the middle and the advertising “It Pays to Mix with Indiana Wingers 2012” on the bottom of the bowl.
Produced by: Strawtown Pottery

Wolverine Chapter: 2012 Threshing Jug with Advertising
24 regular + no specials produced
A replica of the Browarski and Abel …Sole Owners of Houghton Club Rye threshing jug from Houghton, MI.  This threshing jug is a “big beauty” because of the front AND back stamped seven line advertising oval and four birch leaves. 
Produced by: W.A. Painter Pottery Works

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Sunshine State RedWingers: Sponge Bird Bath
21 regular + no specials produced
This is spongeware 2-piece bird bath. The base includes the chapter logo.
Produced by: W.A. Painter Pottery

Golden State Red Wing Chapter: 25 gallon Salt Glaze Jug
55 regulars, 5 specials, 5 hostess gifts produced
The commemorative is to recognize the 25th Anniversary of the Chapter (1986 – 2011). In addition to the specials which were blue and white, the Chapter also made hostess pieces without the logo.
Produced by: Robinson California Pottery

Gopher Chapter: 2012 1 gallon Brown top Jug
50 regulars, 1 special
The brown top hand turned jug features a US mapping with markings for Red Wing, New York and Cuba and the “Saving for a Wet Day”. The bank has a fired-shut cork. Coins were placed in the bank through the slit in the top of the jug. To retrieve your money, you had to break the jug. The special was an all-white jug.
Produced by: Jasper Bond

Siouxland Chapter: 2012 Gypsy Trail Plain Pattern Duck Ashtray
24 regular + 3 specials
This commemorative is a replica ashtray from the Gypsy Trail Pattern shape 143 and was made from 1937 to 1938. The commemorative came in wood box. The specials are the same piece but glazed white.
Produced by: Reiver LLC

Wisconsin Chapter: 2011 Salt Glaze Pitcher with paper label advertising
24 regular + no specials produced
The commemorative features a paper label from The Bengal Mustard Company from Middleton, Wis. The specials were all different color combinations.
Produced by: Cambridge Stoneware Co.

Lewis & Clark Chapter: 2011 Brown Top Fancy Jug
24 regular + no specials produced
The commemorative includes advertising from the Atlantic Bar in Butte, MT. The bar claimed to be the longest bar in the world from 1939 to 1969.
Produced by: Artists in the Park 

Southwest Red Winger: Sponge Band Batter Bowl
29 regular + 1 specials produced
The bowl is 1/3 ORIGINAL SIZE and has the chapter logo in the bottom. The special commemorative has an all sponge decoration.
Produced by: Artists in the Park