10 gallon Red Wing crock with a six inch wing and has the 1st Red Wing oval (called the ski oval)

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Hello, I have found the website and advice to be very insightful and interesting! I was cheering for the people that found great pieces and was a little sad for those who got fake pieces.

Would you please help me identify this piece? I see no handles, it is about 36 pounds and is from one outside lip to the other about 15 1/2 in across the opening, about 16 inches tall.

As you can see, it says ‘union stoneware co. Redwing, mn.’ The 10 very visible and as I have learned, this piece has what is considered the larger wing. The only flaws I have found: pock mark? inside bottom that does not go all the way through, hair lines only on the inside bottom-these do not go all the way through, a small chip on lower outside bottom (all pictured).

After searching the site for about an hour and learning a great deal, I was unable to find an identical match (though there were many close ones).

Could you please help me determine the date and value? I could not locate date stamp.

Thank you so very much,



Carol, you have an early piece of zinc glazed Red Wing.  It is a 10 gallon Red Wing crock with a six inch wing and has the 1st Red Wing oval (called the ski oval).  It is marked very nicely by the way.  It was produced between 1909 & 1915.  With the spider hairline on the bottom and the small chip (but with excellent markings) the value would be between $125 & $150.   Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman