Tweed Tex platter and a Tweed Tex bread tray


I have enclosed a few pictures for the experts to help me determine a value for.  They are boyh Red Wing pieces.  One is a platter that is 15″x12″  and the other is a Bread Plate that is 7.25″X10.5 .  They are both tweed tex and they were bought at the same estate sale.  Both are in excellent condition with no flaws anywhere.  The Red wing on the Bread plate is somewhat smudged for some reason but other than that they are both great.  We can’t find a value anywhere so we thought we’d ask for your help.  It’s much appreciated.  We probably will sell these if the price is right. If you need more or better photos and I will get them right back to you.
Rob and Caryl


The photos show a Tweed Tex platter and a Tweed Tex bread tray.  Tweed Tex is one of six patterns produced in the Anniversary shape and was made from 1953 to 1956.  The ink stamp used for Tweed Tex is unique to this pattern.  It is the standard wing-shaped pink-red stamp used on most dinnerware made from 1950 to 1957 but with the words “HAND PAINTED” removed from the middle.  Values for Tweed Tex tend to be a bit lower than for the hand painted Anniversary patterns.  The platter is worth $20-30; the bread tray $30-40 assuming excellent condition.