Andrew Weswtin & Co. Newberry, Mich. advertising beater jar


I have a questions that I would appreciate if you could turn over to Al Kohlman.  I collect, among other things, advertising stoneware from Michigan.  I have had the AH Eddy Soo, Mich. beater jar for years.  I just today picked up one marked: It Pays to Mix With Andrew Weswtin & Co. Newberry, Mich.  What I am wondering is two things.  Has Al ever heard of this Newberry beater jar?  Second, are there any known MICHIGAN beater jars other than the one from Soo and this Newberry one?  I have heard tell that there might be one from Munising, Michigan, but have not ever seen one.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 
PS  Great website by the way!



Jeff, I do not collect beater jars, but have had and seen a few from Newberry, Mich., but cannot remember if it had the Mix with Andrew Weswtin & Co advertising.  I have not seen one from Munising Mich, but there could very well be some from this town.  Wish I had more information for you.  Al Kohlman