Hobby Shop candleticks shape 1409



I am hoping you can provide more information regarding this teardrop piece I found at a garage sale.  I am only able to find the teardrop candle holder and was told this may be a “prototype” by the artist that designed the candle holder.  Is this true?  Is/was this something your artists did?  The piece is approximately 51/4 inches high and about 4 inches wide.  As you can see it has a shiny blue glaze with red “splotches.”  I hope you can help provide more information.

Thank you,


Answer: HI Kay
no, this isn’t a prototype for this particular shape.  When the factory closed, molds were sold to others, craft stores, etc.  This isn’t a Red Wing glaze, so was done at a later time, somewhere else, not at the Red Wing factory.  we call these “hobby shop” items.  value maybe around 10.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose