15 gallon Red Wing crock with lid



I’m Looking for info on a Crock  came across in cleaning up an old house.

it is a Red Wing 15 it has 2 cracks & handles are rusted off it does have the lid  with 15 in one of the petals it still needs further cleaning

the lid has 2 small chips but is solid it has a patent date of 1915

I would like to know the age & value of this piece

Thanks Much



Lynn, your 15 gallon Red Wing crock was produced between 1915 & 1930.  With the hairlines and today’s economy, the value is between $50 & $70.  The 15 gallon Red Wing lid with two chips and the salty brown top  (should be a snowy white) would have a value between $60 & $80.  Al Kohlman