4 gallon Red Wing water cooler lid


I have a 4 gallon water cooler.  Except for two very small and faint x shaped lines on the inside wall, there are no chips or cracks.  These two x’s are so faint, I can’t feel them with my finger nails, but I wanted to mention them.  They do NOT appear on the outside.  A picture of them is attached.

Can you tell me the age and approximate value?

Also, I would really like to make this water cooler complete, so how can I obtain an original spigot and lid for this and about how much would they cost. 

Thank you.



Tony, your Red Wing water cooler was produced between 1930 & 1947.  It would have a value in the neighborhood of $300 or so.  A perfect 4 gallon Red Wing water cooler lid will sell between $325 & $350.  An original “Central” spigot sells for $50.

You can advertise that you are looking for these items in the Red Wing Newsletter and you should be able to obtain both by doing this.  Al Kohlman