bolt and washer vase

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My mother owns a one of two bolt and washer vase.  My great grandfather worked at Red Wing Pottery as a maintenance man.  The story goes, they made a mold for this vase, but didn’t like it, so broke the mold and only two vases were completed.  They gave one to my great grandfather and one to his cousin or good friend. 

We are wondering if there is a value to be placed on these and how we would go about getting that value.  

Thank you for your assistance.



this vases dates to around 1943, and your story could be correct, they are very rare.  There is a picture of one in our Red Wing reference book, same color as yours.  I’ve not seen one in person.  Price is hard to give with no real other values to go by.  The book lists it as “rare”.  I would say in the 500.00 range, just depends on who is bidding for it.  Hope this helps, thanks for the story, too!  steve n rose