Adobestone dinnerware


I have a place setting for 4 of Adobestone.     It includes the dinnerplates, dessert plate, saucer and cups.    I also have a covered casserole dish with a handle.    I bought them in Redwing @ the factory store as seconds in 1967 or 68.    I broke one cup and sent it to the factory to get a replacement.   At that time the only available cups did not have a matching glaze.  As a result 2 of the 4 cups have a noticeably lighter glaze.    There are no chips or cracks.    There are slight imperfections that would be typical of seconds.  Dinnerplates are 10”, dessert plates  71/2″,  saucers 5 7/8″, cups 3″ h and the casserole has a diameter of 6 1/2 ” and is 3 3/8″ h  (measurement doesn’t include the cover).     I do have the cover.


I saw a dinner plate on ebay listed for $11.04.   If I can sell what I have without too much difficulty, I will consider that.    Otherwise, I plan on donating them to a church for their annual sale and would like a value that I could claim on my taxes.

Thank you.



Adobestone was one of the six patterns made in the Ceramastone shape.  The Ceramastone line was introduced in mid 1966, just a year before Red Wing Potteries closed in 1967.  The Red Wing Pottery Salesroom was a factory store that sold surplus and second quality pieces; it remains in business today selling a wide variety of pottery and other wares.  Like other patterns, the colors seen in Adobestone will vary a bit from lot to lot due to slight differences in the glaze.  Thus it is not surprising that the two cups purchased later are a lighter shade. 

Values for Adobestone are fairly low because collectors seem to have little interest.  The values below assume excellent first quality condition.  Damage and factory imperfections will reduce the value. 

Dinner plate: $10-15
7.5 inch plate:  $5-10
Cup & saucer:  $7-12
Cereal bowl:  $5-10
Covered casserole: $20-25