Red Wing 3 gallon stoneware crock , ski oval


Hello there my name is Steve and I have a question for you. I have had this stoneware for many years, a friend gave it to me years ago for helping him move, today I brought it in from the front porch and cleaned it up. After I cleaned it I decided to check it out Online and see what it was and was surprised to find that people collected them, anyway I have two pictures of it and would appreciate it if you could tell me something about it.

Thank you,



Steve, you have a very nice and clean Red Wing 3 gallon stoneware crock with the first Red Wing oval (called the ski oval).  The Red Wing Stoneware company used birch leaves for decorations before the produced the “red wing” in 1909.   Your 3 gallon Red Wing birch leave crock was produced between 1895 & 1909.  Value in perfect condition with the ski oval and great markings is around $100.  Al Kohlman