Red Wing Shapes: 1168, 1263, 1267, 5030

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I came across several Red Wing Artware pieces at a local antique store.  The pieces remind me of Art Deco and I would like to learn more about them.  I was also curious about the value of the pieces. 

Piece 1 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1168; pink glaze vase with spiral pattern on both sides

Piece 2 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1263; terra cotta glaze, geometric shape

Piece 3 – On the bottom: Red Wing 1267; pink glaze – small chips

Piece 4 – On the bottom: Red Wing 5030; Zephyr Pink vase-height 12″

Any information would be appreciated


the 1263 is a planter form 1946, value around 30.00
the 5030 is attributed to the garden club line, circa 1957, value around 45.00

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