Rumrill Ball Pitcher 547


I recieved this from a coworker and decided to research it.  It seems that this is a rare pitcher in the Rum rill 547 pottery collection.  If I am correct made in 1978 as a Commenorative piece. Can you verify my findings and tell me the approximate value.


The photo shows a 547 ball pitcher and the color is known as Scarlet & Bay.  No photo of the bottom of this pitcher was included, but most likely it is marked 547 RUMRILL or RUMMRILL.  This pitcher is fairly common, not rare.  Red Wing produced this pitcher for several different lines.   Pitchers marked RUMRILL or RUMMRILL were glazed with art pottery colors for George RumRill’s sales company.   Pitchers marked RED WING also were glazed with art pottery colors and sold by Red Wing.  The 547 pitcher was also a part of the Gypsy Trail dinnerware line for many years and can be found nearly all of the colors used for Gypsy Trail items over the years.   Value for the Scarlet & Bay pitcher in the photo is $40-50 if it is in excellent condition.