5 gallon St. Paul Book and Stationary Cooler, dome top salt glaze, and sponge band bowl.



I was curious of the value of these three pieces

5 Gallon Advertising St Paul book and Stationary Water cool, has one small crows foot in the back otherwise is fine. The lid had a few cracks

Red wing Dome top salt glaze with one chip

A spongeband bowl, does have a few cracks inside the bottom but the lid is perfect

Thanks again! Brett


Brett, cracks in stoneware today is just killing the values.  Collector are being extremely picky when it comes to pieces for their personal collection.  Your advertising water cooler with small spider in the cooler and damaged lid would have a value in the area of $300 to $500.

Your salt glazed Dome top jug with the chip would have a value between $75 & $100 depending on the size of the chip.

An your gray line casserole with mint lid but cracked bottom $100 to $125 for the lid & $30 for the bottom.  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but in today’s market, it is a tough sell on pieces that have damage.  Al Kohlman