4 gallon salt glazed threshing jug


I just signed up today to become a member and am not sure if this is how I am supposed to ask for help, but here goes.  I have a piece of pottery my great grandpa had. I was wondering if you could tell me if it is a Redwing piece, what it was used for, and a value. Thanks Thomas

The size is approximately 16 inches tall, by 12 inches long.  They only damage I saw was a chip at the bottom front.  I couldn’t really find and good examples of this being a Redwing piece. The hex bolt also confuses me as it only has 4 screw molds insted of 6. Hope you can help.


Your 4 gallon salt glazed threshing jug is not Red Wing.  I am quite sure it is from Ohio due to the spec’s in the glaze, design and cut rings around the top of the jug.   It is a beautiful jug that was produced before 1900.    Even though it is not Red Wing, it would still have a nice value.  Not being Red Wing, I could not appraise it, but would think anything over a $1000 wouldn’t surprise me.   Al Kohlman