Carousel cookie jar

Question: Hello, I have a Red Wing Carousel cookie jar like the one that sold in March. I would like to place an ad in the Red Wing Collector’s newsletter. Would you be able to tell me what year(s) that jar was produced? It’s in perfect shape with the Red Wing stamp on the bottom.  Thank you, Lori


I have not seen documentation that would confirm the introduction year of the Carousel cookie jar. White Carousel jars are marked on the bottom with an ink stamp that was used from 1941 to the late 1940s.  Early 1940s catalogs that include the Chef, Katrina and Friar cookie jars do not include Carousel.  Thus I believe white Carousel cookie jars were likely made in the mid to late 1940s.  In the mid 1950s Red Wing reintroduced several older cookie jars in new glazes.  A January 1956 brochure includes a Carousel cookie jar with a fleck green glaze, but does not include a white version.  These green jars would be marked with the reddish-pink wing ink stamp that was used from 1950-1957.