Collection of stoneware


Wondering what each crock might be worth? I think some of them are different then the regular Red Wing brand, but I’m not 100% sure. Let me know if you need more information. There are two pictures of each one (6 altogether).Thank you!



Tasha, your values are as follows:

4 gal Red Wing crock  $60 to $80

2 gal Red Wing birch leaf crock $40 to $50 due to weak decorations

8 gal Red Wing small wing  $90 to $100  due to small red wing

Western Crock with flower, no idea due to not being Red Wing

15 gal Red Wing $150 to $175

8 gal Red Wing with large wing  $130 to $150

Values are base on each piece being in perfect condition.  If there is a hairline crack, the value will drop below half of what is listed.  Al Kohlman