Johnnie’s Root Beer, Labriego dinnerware pattern


Hi, on a recent trip I purchased several Johnnies mugs. As a 30 year R.W. collector I knew they were made by Red Wing. We didn’t have any of our research books with us so we went on line to look for the mug. 

I came up with an Oct. 28, 2009 question from Al Ekbald to Al Kohlman about a Johnnies  mug. I was stunned when the “expert” said it was NOT Red Wing & that he had never seen a mug like it before. Please forward this  to the two Al’s & feel free to give them my name & email address. JOHNNIES MUG : Red Wing Art Pottery Two by Ray Reiss. 

Page 178 has a picture of the Johnnies mug & the following : Johnnies was a root beer stand near the potteries. This mug was designed by 

Lou McGrew. Only 144 of them were reported to have been made.   

Regards,  Don


Attached is a copy of a Republican-Eagle newspaper article from July 8, 1994 about Johnnie’s Root Beer and the mug.  This is the only info I have about it.  I’d guess Ray Reiss got his info for the book from the same source.  The mug itself is based on the mug from the Labriego dinnerware pattern.  Apparently a Labriego mug mold was modified to make the Johnnie’s mug.  I’ve attached a photo of a green Labriego mug for comparison.