2012 Commemorative Unveiled

Chromoline Vase shape 676

2012 Commemorative Version A, B, C from left to right

In 2012, the Red Wing Collectors Society produced three different versions of its Commemorative. Version “A” is 90% of the total made, version “B” is 9% and version “C” consists of 36 pieces to match the 36th Annual RWCS Convention. No one knew which version they were going to receive until they selected a sealed box at the Convention or received their piece in the mail.

The 2012 Commemorative is a #676 Chromoline vase. Red Wing’s “Chromoline Handpainted” series of art pottery appeared in only three company catalogs – fall of 1960 and spring and fall of 1961. Its sweeping lines and shapes with bold, distinctive styling embody the Eames Era of Modern Design, which generally describes the post war era from around 1948 to 1964.

The 15 different shapes in the Chromoline series included covered candy dishes, vases, compotes, candlesticks and ash trays. Although a couple pieces are known to exist with one-of-a-kind experimental glaze colors, Chromoline was made in only two glaze combinations: rust (orange)/green, and blue/yellow.

Version “A” has the orange/green glazing, Version “B” has the blue/yellow colors and Version “C” has a  gray, pink and rust glaze combination, which mimics an experimental M3006 vase that is on display at the Schleich Red Wing Pottery Museum in Lincoln, Neb.
The Commemoratives are all ink-stamped on the bottom and read “Red Wing Collectors Society Convention, July 12-14, 2012”. The Commemoratives were produced by Maple City Pottery in Monmouth, Illinois. The vases were cast in a two-piece mold and hand-painted.

2012 Special Commemoratives

The 2012 Special Commemorative is a #671 Chromoline covered candy dish. Each of the 18 Special Commemoratives were hand-turned and hand-painted; nine have the orange/green glaze combination and nine have the blue/yellow combination. They were given out as awards for displays, prizes and various drawings including a new drawing at the Thursday Night Auction. In addition, one was auctioned in the Commemorative Room.

2012 Kids View version with black light



KidsView once again commissioned 15 pieces. The KidsView vases were cold-painted by hand and glow under a black light. These pieces were auctioned off in a variety of ways to raise money for KidsView activities.



2012 Commemorative Triple Version