10gallon Red Wing’s with bail handles


Photos are of 2 Red Wing 10 crocks- one has a patent of Dec 1915- the day was not clear- smudge or worn- 1 8 gallon crock- sorry the full view was out of focus- it has a wire around it holding it together. Gladys wanted information on the value as she wants to sell them. You can email back information to this address and I will print it out for her. Gladys phone number is 623-977-3415

Thank You

She also has a 3 that has been repaired but wants to keep that one- would like any info on that one too.


The two 10 gallon crocks if in perfect condition have a value between $125 & $150.  To get to that top number, you need nice, dark and clear markings.

The cracked 8 gallon would have a $30 value and a repaired 3 gallon Red Wing, would have a value around $20.  Collectors have become quite fussy on condition today.  They just do not want damaged stoneware.  Al Kohlman