Village Green items

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I found a set of Red Wing dinnerware in Village Green at a local thrift store. With the exception of a small chip in one of the dessert plates everything else is in mint condition. The set includes; 8 plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 dessert bowls, 8 saucers, 8 coffee cups, a creamer and sugar container, a larger bowl (maybe a fruit bowl?) and a platter.  I have attached a picture.  I was just curious what a set of this size and condition might be worth.

Thank you for your time!

Ann Courtney 


Current market prices for Village Green items as follows.  All values assume excellent, undamaged condition.

Dinner plate:  $10-15

Bread & butter plate:  $8-10

Sauce dish (small bowl):  $8-10

Cup & saucer:  $10-15

Platter:  $20-25

Nappy (veg bowl):  $20-25