8 gallon Red Wing Crock


I am looking for information on the pot shown in the attached picture.  It also has P.A.T.E.N.T.E.D. DEC 21st, 1915

Thank you,

Bunny Ankney

Murray City Museum


Bunny, your pot is really an 8 gallon Red Wing crock. The patent date of Dec. 21st 1915 is for the wire handles.  Red Wing was one of the first stoneware companies to use a wire handles rather then the clay formed handles you see on older stoneware.  When they came up with this better method to carry these heavy crocks, they of course placed a patent on it.  Your crock was produced by the Red Wing Stoneware Company between 1915 & 1930. Value in perfect condition is between $125 & $150 in today’s market.  Al Kohlman