4 gallon birch leaves, cherry band, and packing jar


Thank you for the great information you provided on pictures we previously sent!  We all really appreciated know what the Albany slip foot warmer was.  We are now hoping that you would be able to be as helpful with a few more items.

We would like to know if the 4 gal double leaf crock is from Red Wing since all of the other crocks on the farm were.

We also aren’t sure who manufactured the ceramic pitchers and jugs in the attached pictures.  We suspect that the pale blue pitchers and 1 gallon butter churn? might be Red Wing but have no clue on the brown pitchers with tress on them or small jug with the cover wired.  If you can provide any information, we would really appreciate it.


Greg & Amy


Gregg & Amy, your 4 gallon crock with the number 4 & birch leaves is Red Wing.  Red Wing used birch leaves prior to the red wing which was used starting in 1909.  When you see these crocks without the ovals, it tells me that they were made for the Sears & Roebuck Co.  Sears & Roebuck commission these crocks without the ovals to give the impression that they were the producers of this stoneware.  Value in perfect condition is around $75.

The blue & white cherry band pitcher is also Red Wing.  With no advertising, and in perfect condition the value today is around $100.

The packing jar with lid and hardware is not Red Wing.  I think it may have been produced by the Western Stoneware Company out of Illinois.   No idea of value.

The pitcher is not Red Wing either.  No idea of value or maker.  Al Kohlman