Red Wing 15 gallon Perfection Sanitary Self Draining Jar


Hi, My name is Don and I have been collecting bottles and stoneware for about 23 years. I purchased this piece of stoneware from a man a while ago. I have been unable to find any information about it and I was wondering if you or someone could help me out. I am enclosing some pictures of it. If I must join your collectors organization I would be glad to do so, if necessary. I would also appreciate you placing an approximate value on it if you could do so for an 80 year old geezer like me. Thanx in advance, Don


 Don, your Red Wing  15 gallon Perfection Sanitary Self Draining Jar was used by chemical companies, dairies and hardware stores to store and dispense chemicals.  They were produced anywhere from 1910 or so to the 1930’s.  Because of their size and being somewhat hard to display, the values are somewhat low.  In perfect condition the value of your jar is between $150 & $200.  Al Kohlman