Red Wing Koc-Rec feeder damage


Hi, I just returned from a garage sale where I purchased this Red Wing Ko-Rec Feeder.  This is the first time a bought any Red Wing.  The lady said it was from her parents farm where they found it in the barn.  The lady at the sale said they used it for a door stop.  I would like to know more about it and its possible value. 
It measures 10″ tall and about 7″ in diameter.  Seems clean and in very good condition except for a chip on the edge of one of the three feet. 
Thank You and I will be awaiting yur reply,


Richard, the Red Wing Koc-Rec feeder is a nice piece.  However, it is missing the base and has that small chip on the edge of one of it’s feet.  Collectors like these feeders to be in perfect condition.  With the missing base and small chip the value is between $25 & $30.  Al Kohlman