Red Wing Beater Jar, 4 gallon churn, and 10 gallon crock


While cleaning out my grandparents old house that has been used for storage I claimed all the old stoneware, these 4 being the redwing ones.  The 10 gallon has a crack in the bottom which can be seen  in the picture, the rest are in good shape, aside from being dirty.  I was curious as to their approximate age and value.  Thank you for your time.  Tami


Tami, the first is a Red Wing beater jar,  produced in the 20’s & 30’s.  In perfect condition $75 to $100.

The next is a 4 gallon Red Wing butter churn with a 2 /7/8 inch wing.  Produced between 1936 & 1947. Value in perfect condition and with out a lid.  $150 to $200.

Three gallon Red Wing crock with 4 inch red wing was produced between 1909 & 1930.  Value $50 to $75

10 gallon Red Wing crock with 6 inch wing and cracked.  Produced between 1909 & 1915.  Value $30 to $40.  Hope this helps.   Al Kohlman