Lexington Dinnerware Collection


Can  you tell me what I should be asking when selling the following items from the Lexington Dinnerware line.


Perfect pieces


Spoon holder

3 cups

2 small sauce bowls

2 divided vegetable bowls

1 divided relish

1 saucer

1 flat celery dish

4 plates

Oval platter


Imperfect pieces


Gravy boat

2 cups

3 small sauce bowls

Casserole w/lid (lid handle was broken in two, glued back together, but not very well)

2 saucers

Small bowl

Large serving bowl

4 plates

Tall pitcher – tiny nick in spout



Some of the imperfections are crackle.  Do you think bleach would take some of the dark away?




Please see below for my estimated values.  All values that I provide are my estimate of the current market value for a SINGLE item in excellent, undamaged condition.  I cannot say what the owner should ask as a sales price because that depends on numerous factors that are unknown to me.  See the “Selling Red Wing” portion of the FAQ section on the RWCS web site.  I also cannot provide estimated values that are adjusted for damage.  My general rule of thumb is that damage reduces the value by 25 to 75%.  Damage must be viewed to make a proper evaluation and even then collectors often disagree.  The decrease in value depends on the location, extent and visibility of the damage and whether or not the item is especially difficult to find. 

I never use bleach to clean stained dinnerware.  If not done properly it can ruin pottery. I have attached an article that I wrote on the subject for the RWCS newsletter back in 2003. 

Creamer:  $5-10

Spoon holder:  $50-75

Tea cup:  $5-7

Small sauce bowl:  $5-10

Divided vegetable bowl:  $20-30

Divided relish (3 sections): $20-30

Saucer:  $5-7

Celery dish:  $20-30

Plates: $5-15 each, depending on the size

Oval platter:  $20-25

Teapot:  $25-35

Gravy boat: $20-25

Casserole w/lid:  $20-30

Small bowl (cereal?):  $10-15

Large serving bowl:  $15-20

Tall pitcher: $20-25