Delta Blue Dinnerware



We have just aquired 70+ pieces of Delta Blue, only 2 or 3 have small chips, and some have a few blow outs which is normal….I need a value guide to sell this.  I have about 15 serving pieces



The values I provide are my current estimate of what a knowledgeable buyer would be willing to pay a knowledgeable seller, which in my opinion is fair market value.  Actual selling prices difficult to gather because they are generally not available to the public.  This is especially true for a hard to find pattern like Delta Blue.  My values assume excellent undamaged condition and are for one of the item described. 

Dinner plate:  $60-75
Salad plate:  $15-25
Cup & saucer:  $20-25
Saucer:  $7.50-10
Fruit bowl:  $15-20
Creamer:  $20-25
Sugar with cover:  $20-25
Oval divided veg dish:  $30-35
Round veg bowl:  $30-35
15″ oval platter:  $40-50
Pitcher 4 cup size:  $40-50
1 gallon coffee pot with side knobs and cover but no stand:  $80-100
Butter dish with cover:   $40-50
4 quart casserole with cover and stand (under plate):   $75-90
Teapot with cover:  $90-100
Bean Pot with cover 2 quart: $50-60
Waffle dish cover:  $100-125  (very rare piece)