Red Wing Gray-line casserole

Question: Hello and Good Evening,
I’m just now learning about this beautiful pottery and seeing all the pieces people write to you about.  So I need your expert opinion if you don’t mind……..
I bought this beautiful piece at a garage sale sitting by it’s lonesome for $2.00.  All other items the lady was selling were Christmas items way overpriced.  I saw this crock and loved it……..I asked her “How much please?” and her response was “$3.00” So obviously I got her down to $2.00
The item is in MINT condition…….Clean with no chips or cracks.  I don’t think it’s ever been used.
Would you be able to put a value on this for me?  Would be greatly appreciated…..Hoping I found a treasure…….
Thank you and make today a good day!
Irvine, CA.

Answer: In mint condition with the lid, this Red Wing Gray-line casserole has a value between $275 & $300.  A great find!    al