Jolly Jars Sierra design


We just found a covered jar marked “Red Wing U.S.A. 725-L” at the bottom.  The lid has the number 725.  Where can we find out more information about the piece?

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The item in the photo is a large Jolly Jar.  In 1960 Red Wing introduced three sets of Jolly Jars, each set with a different design.  Each set featured jars in three sizes (small, medium and large).  The names of the three designs were Sweet Shop, Mosaic and Sierra.  The jar in the photo is from the Sierra design and is the large size.  The L after the mold number indicates Large; the other two sizes logically included a S or an M after the number. 

Jolly Jars aren’t part of any dinnerware pattern, and they aren’t really art pottery either.  They were promoted in a brochure titled “Giftware and Novelty Items”, so that is how they are categorized by most collectors.  Value for a Jolly Jar in excellent, undamaged condition is $40-50.