RWCS to Elect New Managers at 2012 Convention

Election info

There are three positions up for election on the RWCS Board of Directors in 2012. After serving as Auction Manager for four years, Todd Avery has decided not to run for re-election. We thank him for his service – he has been a pleasure to work with. RWCS Member Bruce Selfridge is looking to take over the role and is running unopposed. Incumbents Glenn Beall and Bob Morawski are seeking another term for the respective positions of Education Manager and Commemorative Manager. They are also running unopposed. Balloting will be by mail in accordance with RWCS by-law Article V, Nominating Committee and Voting Procedure. Ballots will be mailed with the April RWCS Newsletter to all primary members in good standing and must be received by the RWCS Business Office no later than June 30, 2012. Associate members must request a ballot by contacting the RWCS Business Office.

Bruce Selfridge

Candidate, RWCS Auction Manager

Hello, my name is Bruce Selfridge and I am seeking the position of RWCS Auction Manager. My wife, Carmen, and I have been members of the RWCS Golden State Chapter of the since 1990; I am currently the chapter vice president. I have volunteered since 2010 at the RWCS Auction and I have made several educational presentations at our July Conventions. My wife has been very active with the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation and is currently on the Foundation Board.

I am very excited about the opportunity to serve as Auction Manager. Todd Avery has done a great job during very challenging times. The RWCS Auction is in competition with several other auctions in Red Wing during Convention Week, as well as internet sales such as eBay. It is going to be a challenge to get our auction to be the place to get that “special” item for your collection. The RWCS Auction should continue to be a major part of our Convention.

I am a retired Fire Captain of the Town of Ross Fire Department in California, where I worked for 37 years. I have been involved in several non-profit groups. I am currently active in two organizations. I am a staff member of Kinetic Steam Works, a non-profit group of steam power enthusiasts. I’m also a member of the local chapter of the Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association as a past director and newsletter eitor for several years.

With your help and ideas, I am looking forward to being your Auction Manager and working with the RWCS Board of Directors.

Glenn Beall

Incumbent, RWCS Education Manager

I started collecting Red Wing one cold day at an auction more than 20 years ago. The last item on the auction was a 25 gallon wing crock. Since my wife, Julie, thought the piece was “neat” I started coming home with more and more crocks. The stoneware collecting eventually led into art pottery thanks to another auction find, and that ended up leading into dinnerware. So now we collect everything. I joined the Red Wing Collectors Society in 1989. My four daughters are usually at Convention, too. The oldest, Laura, is active at Convention with the Display Room and KidsView, as well as the Siouxland Redwingers Chapter. The youngest, Elizabeth, is a member of the Trails West chapter. Amy and Catherine are usually helping out somewhere around Convention wherever they’re needed.

In 1997, I joined the Nebraska Redwingers as a charter member. When a move to South Dakota became necessary, I missed the chapter feeling. A few months later, a few other collectors and I started the Siouxland Redwingers, which was chartered at the July 2000 RWCS Convention. I’m still president of that chapter.

In 2003, my family and I took on the Display Room at Convention and have been doing that ever since. If you’ve gone to a MidWinter GetTogether or a Convention, you’ve probably seen me running around there at some point. I have enjoyed working to bring you new sessions and would enjoy one more term as Education Manager. With your input and help, we can continue the fine sessions we have enjoyed so far.

Bob Morawski

Incumbent, RWCS Commemorative Manager

My passion for Red Wing started in 1998, when I bought my first piece of stoneware. I joined the RWCS later that year and have attended all of the Conventions since 1999 and most of the MidWinter GetTogethers.

I like to collect stoneware with Milwaukee advertising. I also have many “oddity” pieces that are either missing ovals or wings, have extra wings or ovals, or have upside down stamps. When my grandma moved out of her house, I noticed she had six pieces of Pepe dinnerware. Since then I have built the set up to more than 100 pieces. I also have a large collection of Red Wing signed sewer pipe and I’m working on putting together a complete set of Special Commemoratives. (I am especially looking for a 1982 Special Commemorative.) I also enjoy digging in the Red Wing dump.

I am working with a strong core group of people and we have formed the new Badger Chapter, Wisconsin’s second chapter. We welcome new members. I have also chaired and now sit on the RWCS Membership Committee.

I have worked with the Commemoratives for the past six years; I’ve been the manager for the past four. I introduced the three version “A, B and C” concept to help reenergize the Commemorative and get people excited about them again; this has worked well. I will continue to push the envelope not only with the Commemoratives, but in all areas concerning the RWCS to help keep the club and membership healthy for future generations to enjoy our passion. Thanks for your support in the past and future!