10 gallon crock Red Wing salt glazed butterfly crock


Hi, I bought this 10 gallon crock at a consignment shop recently for $89, and would like you to help me determine what I have found! I just started collecting Red Wing Stoneware and only been buying the newer Zinc glaze crocks so don’t know much about the older Salt glazed pieces. In looking in my Red Wing Encyclopedia, it appears to be a Salt glazed Cobalt Blue Butterfly pattern crock. Please let me know what you think about the crock and what the value might be. There are no cracks or stains and the glaze is great, there is one small chip on each handle, that’s it! I’m really excited about this find, but would appreciate your expertize! Thanks! 



Fred’s 10 gallon crock is indeed a Red Wing salt glazed butterfly crock.  With the description stated and the size of the butterfly the value would be $900 to $1000 (unsigned).  What a great find and beautiful piece of Red Wing decorated salt glaze.   Al Kohlman