August Sanburg (S/A) salt glazed crock, 3 gallon


Hi I am 13 years old and an avid collector of antiques. My grandmother recently passed away and left me this crock in her will.  I have been doing some checking on the internet and I believe it is an August Sandberg crock.  Do you have any idea what it is worth considering that Mr. Sandberg is considered “one of the Clay Giants”

Please get back to me with a ballpark estimate on what it’s worth it will be greatly appreciated

Thanks Have a good Day

13 years old



Eli, always nice to hear from a young collector and someone who is willing to do a little research on a nice find such as this one.  Now, on the  August Sandburg (S/A) salt glazed crock.  There are a number of collectors who are not sure that these S/A crocks are Red Wing or from another Mid-west stoneware company.  However, either way they are sought after by Red Wing collectors.  If your grandmother’s S/A crock is in perfect condition, the value is between $275 & $300.   Good luck and have fun with your collecting.  You have a nice piece of salt glaze here.  Al Kohlman