Gray Line refrigerator jar


Hi, we have a piece of Red Wing pottery that we are considering selling.  It has been in my husbands family for many years.  It is in pristine condition.
Could you give us an idea of what this is worth, we are considering putting it on eBay.

The bowl is 3 3/8 inches tall, and is 4 5/8 across at the top.
The cover is lipped, and is 4 3/4 inches across.
With the cover on, the piece is 3 3/4 inches high.
There are 2 markings on the bottom of the bowl.  One that looks like a stamp says Made in Red Wing.
There is also an indentation that says 4 1/2.
There are many little holes that appear to be part of the glazing process.
There is one very small rough spot on the inside of the cover, but doesn’t appear to be a chip, again, maybe part of the glazing process.
The other markings are the ‘spongewear’ band around the top of the ribbed bowl and around the top of the cover.
Primary colors for the ‘spongewear’ markings are blue and a rust color.
Thanks, Lori


This is a stacking Gray Line refrigerator jar.  In perfect condition (which it sounds like it is), the value is between $600 & $800 today.  al