Red Wing sponged saffron bowl, 5 inch



 I have two bowls that I believe are Redwing, and I would absolutely love it if you could tell me more about them! They are both similar looking, but one is larger with the number 6 on the bottom, the other smaller with the number 5.

 These bowls are yellowish in color with blue and rusty brown sponging. Number 6 is 6 3/4 inches wide at the top, 2 1/2 inches wide on the bottom and 3 1/2 inches tall. Number 5 is correspondingly smaller. The interior glaze on both is crackley and some is worn off. Number 5 has some discoloration on the bottom interior of the bowl. Each bowl has a 1/4 inch surface chip on the rim.

 I will be so grateful to hear back from you! 

 Thank you!


Answer: Tammie, Your piece is a Red Wing sponged saffron bowl. The number is the size in inches across the top. Sometimes they are marked Red Wing or not. With no advertising from a business they are worth $50 to $70 mint. These spongeware bowls were produced in the  1920’s & 30’s.