Red Wing vase 1301, crackled turquoise glaze


I have a piece of redwing art vase, labeled 1301, redwing, usa on the bottom of the vase, it is a turquoise blue color and the glaze has a smooth crackled finish, that looks like very tiny geometric designs. The interior of the vase is black. It is 5 inches tall, and the vase opening is 4 inches across, 4 1/2 inches total width, the base is 2 3/4 inches across. It is in perfect condition, no chips, cracks, and has been in my family for two generations, my grandmother to my mother, now to her grandson. I would like to know when it was made, and approximate value for insurance purposes. Any information you can give would be helpful, I am sorry, but I do not have a digital camera for a picture.

Thank you! Derik

Answer: Hi Derik
the shape is from 1947, and the glaze is called crackled turquoise.  Value is around 30.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose