Red Wing USA 879 compote, Belle Kogan designer

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I have a footed compote which I believe dates to the 1960s or 1970s. The interior of the bowl is a bright butterscotch glaze. The exterior foot/base is a mottled cocoa color glaze. The bottom of the bowl is the same mottled cocoa color but it has parallel horizontal lines 1/16 inch from the base widening to 3/16 inch at the bottom of a 2 1/8 inch band of matte brown (milk chocolate) which forms the top trim. On the underside of the base is “Red Wing USA 879”.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in determining the name of the series, whether it was part of a dinner set, the date of issuance, the name of the designer, and its approximate value. Penny

Answer: the 879 is part of belle kogan’s “belle” line, circa 1964.  it’s artware.  value is around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose