Town & Country “Shmoo” by Eva Zeisel

I am currently researching Eva Zeisel for a graduate school project. I am interested specifically in the salt and pepper shakers from the Town and Country line. I am wondering if you have the original price listings for the set? I am also trying to find records of prices on the secondary market so that I can analyze the results, but have had little luck. The few records I have found have been from major auction houses, which is not very helpful. Do you happen to know any of the smaller auctioneers, or dealers who frequently have Shmoos?
Thank you, Claire S.

All values that I provide are for pieces in excellent, undamaged condition.  Chips, cracks, stains and other damage reduce these values considerably.
Values for the Town & Country salt & pepper shakers vary depending on the color.  White was made for only a couple of years and is very difficult to find.  A pair of white T&C shakers would be worth $400 to $500.  Shakers made in the four Concord colors for the Informal Supper Service are the next in value.  The colors are Copper Glow, Mulberry, Ming Green and Concord Chartreuse (which is darker than T&C chartreuse). These shakers are worth $150-$200 a pair.  Next is Metallic Brown which is worth $100-150 a pair.  Shakers in the remaining T&C colors are worth $50-100 a pair.  T&C Chartreuse seems to be the most common and least valuable of the colors.
EBay is a good place to track T&C prices.  Usually you can find a pair or two listed there.  A pair of metallic brown shakers just sold there this evening for $77 — a good buy for somebody.